Make your home look like a speakeasy with lights from Taobao

Setting up home in Singapore won’t just cost you a mortgage that you’ll have to pay for for the rest of your adult life. You, like the rest of us plebs, will also probably be paying for something you won’t get to keep. Suddenly, splashing out home fittings doesn’t seem all that worthwhile.

Well if you didn’t luck out at the Chinese New Year Toto draw, you’ll be somewhat comforted to know that you can still pretty up your #lovenest to resemble your favourite speakeasy with these lovely designer lights from Taobao.
So banish the idea of selling your kidney on Craigslist and read on.

If the mood lighting doesn’t make you feel any better, maybe it’ll help you to ignore the relentless stack of bills pilling up. Image: Operation Dagger bar (Singapore)

Featured Shop No. 1: 灯的艺术与设计 Deng De Yi Shu Yu She Ji
Rating: Under 极有家 Ji You Jia* Gold Medal Seller 3 Blue Crowns
Quality: 4.8
Service: 4.8
Responsiveness: 4.8

Possibly the most value-for-money shop out of the 3 listed in our article, 灯的艺术与设计 Deng De Yi Shu Yu She Ji’s lightings are anything but pedestrian.

1. These sleek ceiling lamps that will set the mood for a lazy Sunday afternoon in.
Deng De Yi Shu Yu She Ji 2.jpgItem: Minimalistic dining lamps
Price: ¥198.00 – 258.00 = SGD42.66 – 55.60

2. These concrete cast lamps that scream “graphic designer”.
Deng De Yi Shu Yu She Ji 3.jpgItem: Geometric living room lamps
Price per unit: ¥98.00 – 138.00 = SGD21.20 – 29.85

3. Who live in a pineapple under the sea?!
Utterly adorable and whimsical squid like lights for lovers of the sea.
Deng De Yi Shu Yu She Ji 4.jpgItem: Wooden head firefly lights
Price per unit: ¥108.00 = SGD23.36

4. Perfectly symmetrical polyhedron lights that will please your inner OCD.
Deng De Yi Shu Yu She Ji 5.jpgItem: Wrought iron polyhedron lamp
Price: ¥158.00 = SGD34.18

5. Pretend like it’s the 19th century and live out your steampunk fantasies with these beauties.
Deng De Yi Shu Yu She Ji 6.jpg
Item: Industrial tungsten lamps 
Price: ¥11.62 = SGD2.51

Featured Shop No. 2: 维玛旗舰店 Wei Ma Qi Jian Dian 
Rating: Under Tmall
Quality: 4.8
Service: 4.8
Responsiveness: 4.7

Wei Ma Qi Jian Dian carries a massive range of minimalist and Scandinavian style lightings at very reasonable prices. If you’re risk adverse, the lights listed below have hundreds of positive reviews to their name, which just goes to show just how popular this shop is.

1. This minimalist lamp that adds a touch of designer-home without trying too hard.
Wei Ma Qi Jian Dian 1.jpg
Item: Geometric atmospheric LED ceiling lamp
Price: ¥188.00 – 658.00 = SGD40.50 – 141.78 

2. This multi-layered lamp that folds out perfectly like so many layers of sliced bread.
Wei Ma Qi Jian Dian 2.jpg
Item: Nordic style multi-layered LED lamp
Price: ¥78.00 – 175.00 = SGD16.80 -37.70

3. This round ceiling lamp that is nothing short of perfection.
Wei Ma Qi Jian Dian 3.jpg
Item: Nordic style circular LED ceiling light
Price: ¥108.00 – 798.00 =  SGD23.27 – 171.95

4. Pretend like you live on the Starship Enterprise with this circular suspended lamp.
Wei Ma Qi Jian Dian 4
Item: Minimalist circular acrylic room lamp
Price: ¥198.00 – 818.00 = SGD42.66 – 176.26

5. This ultra sleek lamp that wouldn’t look out of place in Harvey Specter’s den.
Wei Ma Qi Jian Dian 5.jpg
Item: Minimalist horizontal LED lamp
Price: ¥138.00 = SGD29.73

Featured Shop No. 3: 旗锐 Qi Rui
Rating: Under 极有家 Gold Medal Seller 3 Diamonds
Quality: 4.9
Service: 4.9
Responsiveness: 4.9

If industrial style lightings are your thing, Qi Rui is the shop to hit. Your shopping basket will be full before you can say “steam punk”.

1. What’s better than a tungsten lamp? A bunch of tungsten lamps.
Qi Rui 1.jpgItem: Nordic style wrought iron lights
Price: ¥522.50 = SGD113.02

2. These lights that give off serious baller vibes.
Qi Rui 2.jpg
Item: Nordic style molecule LED chandelier
Price: ¥211.50 = SGD 45.75

3. More beautiful tungsten lightings we could spend the whole day admiring.
Qi Rui 3.jpg
Item: Nordic style tungsten lights
Price: ¥13.50 = SGD2.92

4. Soothe away the day by gazing on these perfectly symmetrical beauties.
Qi Rui 4
Item: Nordic style wireframe lamps
Price: ¥68.60 = 

5. Country-barn meets industrial-edgy. Why follow one trend when you can score on two?
Qi Rui 5.jpg
Item: American country-style rope and wrought iron chandelier
Price: ¥412.00 – 877.00 = SGD88.77 – 189.00

Featured Shop No. 4: 劲马灯饰 Jing Ma Deng Shi
Rating: Gold Medal Seller 5 Diamonds
Quality: 4.9
Service: 4.9
Responsiveness: 4.9

Don’t let the price tags fool you. Jing Ma Deng Shi may seem a little pricey, but their lights are of a better make and solid wood is used in many of their products.

1. The perfect lighting to make cocktails with.
Jing Ma Deng Shi 1.jpg
Item: Nordic style tungsten lamp
Price: ¥199.00 = SGD43.04

2. Does anyone think that this resembles a space ship…?
Jing Ma Deng Shi 2
Item: Nordic style origami wooden lamp
Price: ¥288.00 = SGD62.29

3. Why bother purchasing art when your lamp is a work of art?
Jing Ma Deng Shi 3
Item: Abstract LED chandelier with wooden frame
Price: ¥ 1,350.00 = SGD292.01

4. Too bright out? You have your own tiny light-adjustable sun in your living room.
Jing Ma Deng Shi 4.jpg
Item: Starburst wood and LED chandelier 
Price: ¥598.00 = 

5. Boring lampshades are a thing of the past.
Jing Ma Deng Shi 5.jpg
Item: Accordion style wooden floor lamp
Price: ¥568.00 = SGD122.86

Have fun light shopping!
Disclaimer – Taobao Hacks will not be held responsible if members of the public mistake your home for Singapore’s latest hidden speakeasy and try to order a drink from you.

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*极有家 Ji You Jia is owned by Tao Bao itself, meaning that all shops featured on it are stringently checked for reliability, quality, service and are more trustworthy as a whole.


Author: Taobao Hacks

The ultimate guide to shopping at Tao Bao! Not everything on Tao Bao has look like it was made in a sweat shop in China. We curate the best of Tao Bao - from fashionable threads that wouldn't look out of place on the streets of Paris and Milan, furniture that looks like it came out of a Kinfolk magazine, tech products that will please even the geekiest techhead and anything else that you could possibly dream of buying. But prettier.

2 thoughts

  1. Hi, these lightings if we purchase are just the lamps? Do they also come with the electrical parts and what do we need to look out for when installing?


    1. Hi Joc, usually it comes with the lamp, the bulb and the wire that helps you attach it to the ceiling or wall as a whole package. However the exact components might vary a little across different shops. We would recommend you to consult your contractor first and then speak to the shop owner via Aliwangwang on Taobao and enquire on that particular item you like if you are uncertain about it. Hope it helps. Thank you.


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