The Minimalist’s Guide to Tableware from Taobao

Now that you’ve assembled your Kinfolk-esque kitchen it’s time to fill it up with kitchen essentials. Homeware can be pretty pricey in Singapore.
If you don’t want to fork out for lovely but somewhat expensive options at the likes of Tangs and Robinsons, Taobao has a wide range of kitchenware and utensils that’ll look as pretty as they are useful.

Tableware to look like you raided your neighbourhood hipster cafe. Image: Kinfolk

Featured shop no. 1: 摩登主妇生活馆 Mo Deng Zhu Fu Sheng Huo Guan
Rating: Under 极有家, Gold Medal Seller, 5 Blue Crowns
Quality: 4.8
Service: 4.8
Responsiveness: 4.8

With a wide range of Japanese and Scandinavian style homeware, Mo Deng Zhu Fu Sheng Huo Guan is the perfect shop for the minimalist home.
Their search function allows you to search by materials too, for e.g. wood, ceramics, glass, straw etc.

Editor’s note: we actually bought a couple of items from this shop, and the quality was pretty good. Domestic shipping is free for almost all items, too. 
Mo Deng Zhu Fu Sheng Huo Guan 1

1. Now you can have marble dishes on marble tables for the perfect food #flatlay.
Mo Deng Zhu Fu Sheng Huo Guan 2.png
Item: Bone china ceramic tableware
Price: ¥ 169.00 = SGD 35.92

2. These chopping boards will make your kitchen lived in – even if  you can’t cook to save your life.
Mo Deng Zhu Fu Sheng Huo Guan 3
Item: Oak serving board
Price: ¥ 56.26 = SGD 11.96

3. How to look like you take your tea very seriously:
Mo Deng Zhu Fu Sheng Huo Guan 4Item: Borosilicate glass tea sets
Price: ¥ 85.00 = SGD 18.07

4. Downside: you’ll be spending more time admiring the sheen on these wooden beauties than eating off them.
Mo Deng Zhu Fu Sheng Huo Guan 5.jpg
Item: Japanese black walnut wooden tray
Price: ¥ 42.00 = SGD 8.93

5. Arrange a fruit platter on these adorable platters and your guests won’t even know you forgot desert.
Mo Deng Zhu Fu Sheng Huo Guan 6.png
Item: European style white ceramic multi-level platters
Price: ¥ 68.00 = SGD 14.45

Featured shop no. 2: 江南生活 Jiang Nan Sheng Huo
Rating: Under 极有家, Gold Medal Seller, 4 Blue Crowns
Quality: 4.8
Service: 4.9
Responsiveness: 4.8

More Japanese and Scandinavian style goodness can be found at Jiang Nan Sheng Huo – they stock some unusual designs too, if your kitchen is starting to look way too vanilla.
Domestic shipping is free with purchases about RMB100.

1. Kitchenware or art? These plates are pretty enough to hang on your wall.
Jiang Nan Sheng Huo 1.png
Item: Bone china plates
Price: ¥ 24.99 = SGD 5.31

2. Bland food? Feast your eyes on the gorgeous artwork instead!
Jiang Nan Sheng Huo 2.png
Item: Hand-painted ceramic plates
Price: ¥ 9.90 = SGD 2.10

3. Because KITTIES. #kitteh #meow
Jiang Nan Sheng Huo 3.png
Item: Decorative ceramic plates
Price: ¥ 24.99 = SGD 5.31

4. Seafood lovers rejoice!
Jiang Nan Sheng Huo 4.png
Item: Decorative ceramic plate
Price: ¥ 24.99 = SGD 5.31

5. Pretend like you’re having tea with the Queen with this elegant tea set.
Jiang Nan Sheng Huo 5.png
Item: Floral patterned English tea cup and saucer 
Price: ¥ 59.00 = SGD 12.54

Featured shop no. 3: 若素 Ruo Su
Rating: Under 极有家, Gold Medal Seller, 3 Blue Crowns
Quality: 4.8
Service: 4.8
Responsiveness: 4.8

Ruo Su’s tablewares are nothing short of lush. Smooth lines, cool colours and natural wood grain feature heavily in their products – evoking a more interesting version of Muji’s home offerings.

1. Curves so perfect you could stare at them forever.
Ruo Su 1.png
Item: Japanese-style bone china bowls
Price: ¥ 13.95 = SGD 2.96

2. Coffee never looked so good.
Ruo Su 2.png
Item: Ceramic coffee cup and saucer
Price: ¥62.10 = SGD 13.20

3. #Foodflatlay ready!
Ruo Su 3.png
Item: Muji style rubber wood dishes
Price: ¥ 24.56 = SGD 5.22

4. Lunch will never look the same again.
Ruo Su 4.png
Item: Japanese-style bento box with compartments
Price: ¥ 73.50 = SGD 15.62

5. Say hello to the world’s most good looking dining table.Ruo Su 5.png
Item: Minimalistic bone china dishes
Price: ¥ 7.43 = SGD 1.50

Featured shop no. 4: 吉乐岛家居 Ji Dao Le Jia Ju
Rating: Under 极有家, Gold Medal Seller, 3 Blue Crowns
Quality: 4.8
Service: 4.8
Responsiveness: 4.8

Ji Dao Le Jia Ju’s utterly adorable tableware sets will get junior to dinner in no time.

1. *Plays Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancakes*
Ji Dao Le Jia Ju 1.pngItem: Ceramic plate with monkey design
Price: ¥ 28.00 = SGD 5.95

2. Have a whale of a time with these ceramic plates.
Ji Dao Le Jia Ju 2.png
Item: Ceramic dishes with ocean motifs
Price: ¥ 159.00 = SGD 33.79

3. These bowls that will make you feel like you’re dining in the streets of Tokyo.
Ji Dao Le Jia Ju 3.png
Item: Japanese-style hand painted ceramic bowls
Price: ¥ 5.80 = SGD 1.23

Have fun decorating your kitchen!
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Author: Taobao Hacks

The ultimate guide to shopping at Tao Bao! Not everything on Tao Bao has look like it was made in a sweat shop in China. We curate the best of Tao Bao - from fashionable threads that wouldn't look out of place on the streets of Paris and Milan, furniture that looks like it came out of a Kinfolk magazine, tech products that will please even the geekiest techhead and anything else that you could possibly dream of buying. But prettier.

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