Taobao iPhone Cover Shopping Guide

Smartphone owners, you’ll know that the biggest money drainer isn’t the equipment – it’s usually the accessories.

Phone meme
…said every Singaporean ever.

Smartphone cover prices are pretty borderline astronomical in Singapore. If you’ve had it with coughing up $40 for a piece of silicone that makes your brand new iPhone look like an ugly rubber brick, Taobao has some very affordable alternatives.

Editor’s note: Sorry Android users, Taobao’s android phone covers were too ugly to feature. 

Featured shop no. 1: 一树叶子原创 Yi Shu Ye Zi Yuan Chuang
Rating: Gold Medal Seller, 3 Blue Crowns
Quality: 4.8
Service: 4.9
Responsiveness: 4.8

Flatlay obsessed? Yi Shu Ye Zi Yuan Chuang’s designer-chic iPhone covers range from trendy faux marble, to geometric shapes that will make your inner OCD squirm in joy.

1. When you want your phone to match your table:
Yi Shu Ye Zi Yuan Chuang 1.png
Item: Faux marble iPhone cover
Price: ¥ 36.00 = SGD 7.65

2. These faux-wooden covers that are something else.
Yi Shu Ye Zi Yuan Chuang 2.png
Item: Faux wood silicone iPhone case
Price: ¥ 36.00 = SGD 7.65

3. When you’re feeling *major* spring vibes.
Yi Shu Ye Zi Yuan Chuang 3.png
Item: Silicone iPhone cover with floral motif
Price: ¥ 36.00 = SGD 7.65

4. More designery goodness for the perfect #flatlay.
Yi Shu Ye Zi Yuan Chuang 4.png
Item: Silicone iPhone cover with geometric design
Price: ¥ 36.00 = SGD 7.65

5. If Andy Warhol did iPhone covers:
Yi Shu Ye Zi Yuan Chuang 5.png
Item: Silicone iPhone cover with pop art design
Price: ¥ 36.00 = SGD 7.65

Featured shop no. 2: 云巅数码馆 Yun Dian Shu Ma Guan
Rating: Gold Medal Seller, 2 Blue Crowns
Quality: 4.7
Service: 4.8
Responsiveness: 4.7

Too cool for colours? You’ll love Yun Dian Shu Ma Guan’s sleek and effortlessly cool sci-fi like designs. Similar designs will easily cost you SGD30 – 50 at any departmental shop; but here we’re looking at SGD 6 – 10. That’s the price of a value meal from Macs!

1. So black you’ll always be losing it in your bag – but it’ll be so worth it.
Yun Dian Shu Ma Guan 1.png
Item: Aluminium alloy iPhone cover
Price: ¥ 46.00 = SGD 9.78

2. Gunmetal colours to match your wrist candy.
Yun Dian Shu Ma Guan 2.png
Item: Gunmetal faux-metal silicone iPhone cover
Price: ¥ 28.00 = SGD 5.95

3. This mini-built in stand that will make watching videos anywhere so much easier.
Yun Dian Shu Ma Guan 3.pngItem: Silicone iPhone cover with built in stand
Price: ¥ 49.00 = SGD 10.41

4. Baller time.
Yun Dian Shu Ma Guan 4.png
Item: Silicone iPhone case with faux-metal finishing
Price: ¥ 30.00 = SGD 6.38

Featured shop no. 3: 樱坂 Ying Ban
Rating: R5 Diamonds
Quality: 4.9
Service: 4.9
Responsiveness: 4.9

There’s a plethora of cute cartoon handphone designs too, if that’s more your thing.
Ying Ban has a great selection with anything from kittehs to Japanese anime characters.

1. This weirdly cute egg (?) vending machine.
Ying Ban 1.png
Item: Plastic “vending machine” iPhone case
Price: ¥ 32.90 = SGD 6.99

2. For the cat lover who can’t keep a cat.
Ying Ban 2.png
Item: Plastic iPhone cover with kitty motif
Price: ¥ 32.90 = SGD 6.99

3. It’s Kumamoto the bear!
Ying Ban 3.png
Item: Plastic Kumamoto iPhone cover
Price: ¥ 32.90 = SGD 6.99

4. It’s the White Rabbit candy rabbit :3
Ying Ban 4.png
Item: Plastic iPhone cover with bunny motif
Price: ¥ 32.90 = SGD 6.99

Now you won’t have to wait for your next Johor shopping trip to stock up on smartphone goodies. Have fun shopping!

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Author: Taobao Hacks

The ultimate guide to shopping at Tao Bao! Not everything on Tao Bao has look like it was made in a sweat shop in China. We curate the best of Tao Bao - from fashionable threads that wouldn't look out of place on the streets of Paris and Milan, furniture that looks like it came out of a Kinfolk magazine, tech products that will please even the geekiest techhead and anything else that you could possibly dream of buying. But prettier.

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