The Taobao Fashionista – #Basicgirl shoe staples!

Every girl dreams of a shoe closet to rival Carrie Bradshaw but let’s face it: shopping for shoes in Singapore can be a very lacklustre affair. Like clothes, you tend to end up with cheaply-made shoes (that aren’t really that cheap for their quality) or painfully expensive shoes that cost 50% more than it does online (thank you Shopbop and ASOS).

Screen shot 2010-11-26 at 12.48.52 AM.png

However, if you (like us) love having a different pair of shoes for every occasion, then Taobao is an excellent option – why you ask?

1. A crazy, stupid, variety of affordable shoes at your disposal.
If you’ve seen it online, on a magazine, on a celebrity – chances are, Taobao has it. Don’t expect the shoes to last any longer than 6 months though.

2. You’re tired of having to choose between kitten heels and stripper heels.
There really isn’t a middle ground when it come to heels in Singapore. If shoe racks were anything to go by – ladies can only choose to be demure little ladies or full-on vamps tottering on 5-inch heels. However on Taobao, you’ll be able to find loads of mid-heeled options (5cm, 7cm, 9cm, 10cm) – the French would approve.

3. Taobao is basically shoe-snob heaven.
So you’re craving for something little more exciting than just your average pumps from New Look. Adventurously avant-garde options abound at Taobao – if Lady Gaga knew how to shop there, she’d probably have a field day! Who can say no to affordable couture?

There are however a few small drawbacks to buying shoes from Taobao:
1. Don’t expect your shoes to smell like a bed of roses.
Almost all shoes from Taobao come directly from the warehouse – so it’s normal for them to come off smelling a little plasticky. Quick fix: air them outside and the smell should disappear after a day or so.

2. Sorry ladies with evil-step-sister-feet. 
Like the rest of the world, Taobao shoes cater to more mainstream feet shapes – which means lucky ladies with slim feet won’t have a problem buying shoes on Taobao.
However if you, (like me) have very wide or thick feet – you’d probably be better off shopping at Euro brands like Topshop, ASOS or Kurt Geiger. Sorry! 😦

To reduce the risks of buying the wrong-sized shoes, pay close attention to the size measurement tables provided by each shop. Measuring your feet size in cm (instead of inches) also reduces the risks of purchasing shoes that don’t fit.

This article is the first of our series on shoes – for a start we’ll be featuring basics smart-casual options beginning with Flats, Pumps and Sandals. All shops featured here have excellent track records and customer reviews.


mean girls shopping rachel mcadams bitch mean

[STAPLE NO. 1: Flats]
Flats – Featured Shop 1: 猫小姐优品 MS.CAT , Mao Xiao Jie You Pin

Ballet flats will never go out of style. Just ask Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Victoria Beckham who’s hung up her heels *gasp* for flats.

猫小姐优品 MS.CAT is your one-stop-shop for ballet flats or all make, shape and colour. And there’s no domestic delivery charges too!

Taobao Hacks’ pick: Assorted flats with assorted metallic/ bow details
Price: ¥ 69.92 = SGD 14.74Flats Shop 1 - 1.jpg

Flats – Featured Shop 2: Lindada鞋包 , Lindada Xie Bao

Lindada鞋包’s flats are anything but plain. Expect interesting asymmetrical details and the like.

Taobao Hacks’ pick: Minimalist asymmetrical cut suede flats
Price: ¥ 59.00 = SGD 12.45
Flats Shop 2 - 1.jpg

Flats – Featured Shop 3: 99Linda家 琳达定制女 , 99 Linda Jia Lin Da Ding Zhi Nv

99Linda家 琳达定制女 stocks a wide variety of flats. If you love showing off your slim ankles with lace-ups, they have just the thing for you.

Taobao Hacks’ pick: Velvet pointed tie-up shoes
Price: ¥ 59.00 = SGD 12.45
Flats Shop 3 - 1.jpg

Flats – Featured Shop No. 4: Momocat
Classic Mary Janes for a Sunday brunch date. These are pointy though, so if you have wide feet, you should probably give these a miss.

Taobao Hacks’ pick: Pointed velvet Mary Janes
Price: ¥ 268.00 = SGD 56.53
Flats Shop 4 - 1.jpg

Flats – Featured Shop No. 5: 99Linda家 琳达定制女, 99 Linda Jia Lin Da Ding Zhi Nv

More is the new less. Chiara Ferragni fans, you’ll love these quirky options from 99Linda家 琳达定制女.

Taobao Hacks’ pick: Pointed bunny-ear suede shoes
Price: ¥ 55.00 = SGD 11.60
Flats Shop 5 - 1.jpg

Pumps – Featured Shop 1: 千优女鞋 , Qian You Nv Xie

Round out your outfit with the perfect suede pumps from 千优女鞋.
You’ll be able to find low- to mid-heeled options that you’ll have no problems standing in on the train to work. Easy on the eyes, easy on the pockets.

Taobao Hacks’ pick: Pointed suede high heel pumps 
Price: ¥ 68.00 = SGD 14.35
Pumps Shop 1.jpg

Pumps – Featured Shop No. 2: 恋步时尚女鞋店, Lian Bu Shi Shang Nv Xie Dian

Add some pizazz to your outfit with metallic patent pumps.
(We’ve personally purchased these and they wear like a dream with the heels measuring at very manageable 7cm.)

Taobao Hacks’ pick: Silver pointed stiletto pumps
Price: ¥ 128.00 = SGD 27.00
Pumps Shop 2.jpg

Pumps – Featured Shop No. 3: 潮女时代主脚, Chao Nv Shi Dai Zhu Jiao

Patent pumps so shiny you can check your makeup in them.
These classic glossy stilettos will give Jimmy Choo a run for this money – comes in a massive range of colours and heel heights too! Pocket-friendly too (but you knew that already!)

Taobao Hacks’ pick: Patent leather stiletto heels
Price: ¥ 80.00 = SGD16.90
Pumps Shop 3.jpg

Pumps – Featured Shop No. 4: 唯璐女鞋, Wei Lu Nv Xie

Looking beyond basic block colours? These pumps with a perfectly shaded gradients will hit the spot. 

Item: Gradient coloured patent leather shoes
Price: ¥ 239.00 = SGD 50.42
Pumps Shop 4.jpg

Pumps – Featured Shop No. 5: lilywei旗舰店, lilywei Qi Jian Dian

Stocked to the brim with the season’s current designs, there’s a style for every girl at lilywei旗舰店. Ladies with long-feet will rejoice with their lengthier shoe options too 🙂

Taobao Hacks’ pick: Pointed pumps
Price: ¥ 168.00 = SGD35.50
Pumps Shop 5.jpg

Sandals – Featured Shop No. 1: 
GL女鞋高端定制, GL Nv Xie Gao Duan Ding Zhi

There’s something about ankle-strap sandals that just makes an outfit that much more elegant. Try this classic nude from GL女鞋高端定制 for size – heels measure from a comfy 0 to 10cm in height.

Taobao Hacks’ pick: Heeled sandals with ankle strap
Price: ¥ 108.00 = SGD 22.80Sandals Shop 1.jpg

Sandals – Featured Shop No. 2: 高跟女王精品鞋屋, Gao Gen Nv Wang Jing Pin Xie Wu

If you’re all about the #drama, go all out with these stilettoed ankle-strap sandals.
Warning: this cutting is more suited for ladies with slim feet.

Taobao Hacks’ pick: Stiletto sandals with thin ankle straps
Price: ¥ 188.00 = SGD 39.70
Sandals Shop 2.jpg

Sandals – Featured Shop No. 3: 沃蔓斯莱芙, Wo Man Si Lai Fu

Had it with getting your heels stuck in drain covers? Try these chunky-heeled options. Here’s one in a drool-worthy shade of maroon.

Taobao Hacks’ pick: Thick strapped heeled sandals with chunky heels
Price: ¥ 148.00 = SGD31.30
Sandals Shop 3.jpg

Sandals – Featured Shop No. 4: 王小毒的小店Wang Xiao Du De Xiao Dian

If girly is more your jam, there’re more feminine options like these bowed sandals to show off your perfectly manicured feet in.

Taobao Hacks’ pick: Leather sandals with thick-straps and bow details
Price: ¥ 228.00 = SGD49.00
Sandals Shop 4.jpg

Sandals – Featured Shop No. 5: 诗诗优品名鞋, Shi Shi You Pin Ming Xie

Style doesn’t have to come at a price. These sandals will take you cafe-hopping without too much pain!

Taobao Hacks’ pick: Flat sandals with angle straps 
Price: ¥ 128.00 = SGD 27.00
Sandals Shop 5

Next up: we’ll be featuring more sartorial kicks in our next article, as well as options for the boys! Watch this space.

Love this article or got a question for us? Fire away in the comments! We love getting messages. 😀


Author: Taobao Hacks

The ultimate guide to shopping at Tao Bao! Not everything on Tao Bao has look like it was made in a sweat shop in China. We curate the best of Tao Bao - from fashionable threads that wouldn't look out of place on the streets of Paris and Milan, furniture that looks like it came out of a Kinfolk magazine, tech products that will please even the geekiest techhead and anything else that you could possibly dream of buying. But prettier.

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