The Dapper Man’s Guide to Shoe Staples from Taobao

Nope, we haven’t forgotten about the men. Shoe shopping isn’t a pleasure strictly reserved for the ladies – so if you don’t give two hoots about labels, we’ve picked out some seriously dope kicks that will have your #OOTD on pointe.

First up – sneakers for the sneaker heads!

[Staple No. 1: Sneakers]
Save the $400 you were going to drop on those Common Projects – and you could own an entire shelf of new kicks to up your street-cred.

Sneakers – Featured Shop 1: 港仔文艺男Gang Zai Wen Yi Nan

Classic white skate shoes for the obligatory walk down Orchard. Sneakers Shop 1.jpg
Item: Skate shoes
Price: ¥148.00 = SGD31.00

Sneakers – Featured Shop 2: thechosenone旗舰店The Chosen One Qi Jian Dian

This edgy take on the classic white sneaker that will look perfect in your #OOTD flatlay.
Sneakers Shop 2.jpg
Item: Leather lace sneakers
Price: ¥ 299.00 = SGD 62.50

Sneakers – Featured Shop 3: Hong Qing Ting

Perfect your gym-to-street look with these sneaks.

Item: Lace-up sports shoes
Price: ¥ 179.00 = SGD 37.30

Sneakers – Featured Shop 4: 富贵鹿鞋店Fu Gui Lu Xie Dian

Skip the plain white sneakers, and pimp out your outfit with these black-and-white bad boys.

Sneakers Shop 4.jpgItem: Leather sneakers
Price: ¥ 208.00 = SGD 43.50

Sneakers – Featured Shop 5: 龙翼鞋帮 潮流男鞋Long Yi Xie Bang Chao Liu Nan Xie

Channel your inner Yeezy with these over the top copper toned kicks. Rainmaker and champagne gun not included.
Sneakers Shop 5.jpg
Item: Chrome-coloured leather sneakers with zip opening
Price: ¥ 159.00 = SGD 33.20

[Staple No. 2: Plimsolls/ Loafers]
Plimsolls/Loafers – Featured Shop No. 1: 休闲鞋类直销店
Xiu Xian Xie Lei Zhi Xiao Dian

Plimsolls Shop 1.jpg

Item: Men’s boating shoes
Price: ¥ 128.00 = SGD 26.70

Plimsolls/Loafers – Featured Shop No. 2: 尚品鞋社Shang Pin Xie She

These nifty loafers are perfect for a Sunday stroll down Haji Lane.

Plimsolls Shop 2.jpgItem: Canvas slip-ons
Price: ¥ 68.00 = SGD 14.20

Plimsolls/Loafers – Featured Shop No. 3: 鞋在这儿鞋在这儿Xie Zai Zhe Er Xie Zai Zhe Eer

When you have this many choices, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try something a little different. Like these black leather loafers. #yolo

Plimsolls Shop 4.jpg

Item: Black leather loafers
Price: ¥ 159.00 = SGD33.20

Plimsolls/Loafers – Featured Shop No. 4: 李老板丶卡西悦鞋业Li Lao Ban, Ka Xi Yue Xie Ye

Woven leather loafers that’ll make the floor you stand on look expensive.

Plimsolls Shop 3.jpg

Item: Knitted patterned leather loafers
Price: ¥ 178.00 = SGD 37.00

Plimsolls/Loafers – Featured Shop No. 5: , Ya Xuan

A virtual must-have for the urban hippy metrosexual.

Plimsolls Shop 5.jpgItem: Cloth slip-ons with canvas soles
Price: ¥ 39.00 = SGD 8.20

[Staple No. 3: Brogues]
Spiffy up your outfit with a classic pair of leather brogues – yep you heard us right, they’re leather and cost basically nothing. Okay maybe not nothing; more like 2 pints of Guinness.

Brogues – Featured Shop No. 1: 
Mei Xi

These classics for the respectable gentleman.

Oxfords Shop 1.jpg

Item: Matte leather Brogues
Price: ¥ 158.00 = SGD32.90

Oxfords – Featured Shop No. 2: 皮特华菲鞋城Pi Te Hua Fei Xie Cheng

Pair up tailored drop-waist trousers with patent leather brogues – and you’re guaranteed to look fly AF.

Oxfords Shop 2.jpg

Item: Patent leather brogues
Price: ¥ 125.00 = SGD 26.10

Brogues – Featured Shop No. 3: DEAL品牌店DEAL Pin Pai Dian

Lots of different colours and cuttings for the discerning dandy – like these suede/patent leather mix brogues.

Oxfords Shop 3.jpg

Item: Rubber-soled Brogues
Price: ¥ 346.50 = SGD 72.20

Brogues – Featured Shop No. 4: 太平鸟男装官方店Tai Ping Niao Nan Zhuang Guan Fang Dian

Keep it simple and comfy with these cushioned-soled suede brogues.

Oxfords Shop 4Item: Suede leather brogues
Price: ¥ 239.00 = SGD 50.00

Brogues – Featured Shop No. 5: Ban Bi Di Lun

Channel Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders with these classic brown leather brogues.

Oxfords Shop 5.jpgItem: Formal leather brogues 
Price: ¥ 279.00 = SGD 58.40

Before you hit the shops, here’s a few things you should know:

1. Don’t expect your shoes to smell like a bed of roses.
Almost all shoes from Taobao come directly from the warehouse – so it’s normal for them to come off smelling a little plasticky. Quick fix: air them outside and the smell should disappear after a day or so.

2. Sorry big-foot! 
Like the rest of the world, Taobao shoes cater to more mainstream feet shapes.
However if you have very wide or thick feet – you’d probably be better off shopping at Euro brands like Topshop, ASOS or Kurt Geiger. Sorry!😦

To reduce the risks of buying the wrong-sized shoes, pay close attention to the size measurement tables provided by each shop. Measuring your feet size in cm (instead of inches) also reduces the risks of purchasing shoes that don’t fit.


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Author: Taobao Hacks

The ultimate guide to shopping at Tao Bao! Not everything on Tao Bao has look like it was made in a sweat shop in China. We curate the best of Tao Bao - from fashionable threads that wouldn't look out of place on the streets of Paris and Milan, furniture that looks like it came out of a Kinfolk magazine, tech products that will please even the geekiest techhead and anything else that you could possibly dream of buying. But prettier.

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