21 Crossbody Bags You’d Never Think Came From Taobao

Outfit – matched. Shoes – matched. Make up on pointe. (Finally – that eyeliner took ages to perfect.) You’re just about to walk out then you realise – none of your bags match your outfit and that tote you got for your cousin’s wedding 6 months ago is starting to look a little tacky.

Take it from Meryl Streep.

Fret not, because we’ve picked out pretty arm candy from Taobao for the practical girl who doesn’t mind dressing for the occasion – but likes keeping her hands free. (You probably like dresses with pockets too!)

Welcome to part one on ladies’ bags from Taobao, featuring every girls must-have: the cross body bag 🙂

Featured Shop 1: CHOC LEE
Rating: Gold Medal Seller, 5 Blue Crowns
Quality: 4.8
Service: 4.8
Responsiveness: 4.8

Ignore the strange name that sounds like a play on Coco Lee, or the slightly dubious claim that they are designed in Hong Kong. Choc Lee’s bags are classy and functional – no one will ever guess you got them from Taobao.

Though we’re not fans of the brand name on the bag, the placement is pretty small and unobtrusive.

1.jpgItem: Sheepskin black geometric bag
Price:  ¥299.00 = SGD62.40

Item: Cowhide messenger with gold clasp
Price: ¥ 499.00 = SGD104.14 


3.jpgItem: Suede leather messenger bag with gold clasp
Price: ¥ 369.00 = SGD77.01

4.jpgItem: Block colour leather bag with buckle clasp
Price: ¥199.00 = SGD41.53

5.jpgItem: Leather draw-string shoulder bag
Price: ¥399.00 = SGD83.27

Featured Shop 2: Cattura缇纳旗舰店 / Cattura Ti Na Qi Jian Dian
Rating: Under Tmall, 5 Years Old Shop
Quality: 4.8
Service: 4.8
Responsiveness: 4.8

Cattura Ti Na Qi Jian Dian’s bag designs are a step up your typical lady’s bag designs. The finishing is sleek and luxurious enough that you’ll be forgiven if you mistake their bags for their costlier counterparts on display at Marina Bay Sands.

6.jpgItem: Square leather shoulder bag
Price: ¥239.00 = SGD50


Item: Medium-sized leather bat-wing totebag
Price: ¥289.00 = SGD60.30

Item: Envelope leather messenger bag 
Price: ¥ 179.00 = SGD37.40

9.jpgItem: Suede leather geometric messenger bag
Price: ¥ 299.00 = SGD62.40

10.jpgItem: Round leather messenger bag with gold details
Price: ¥ 199.00 = SG41.53


Featured Shop 3: micie美熙旗舰店 / micie Mei Xi Qi Jian Dian
Rating: Under Tmall
Quality: 4.8
Service: 4.8
Responsiveness: 4.8

MISS MICIE has all your staple designs – not too loud that the bags would overwhelm your outfits, and amount of casual-chic for a weekend out, without making you look over dressed.

11.jpgItem: Convertible leather tote/messenger bag
Price: ¥198.00 = SGD41.40

12.jpgItem: Quilt-pattern messenger bag with metal chain strap
Price: ¥ 258.00 = SGD53.84

Item: Leather messenger bag 
Price: ¥ 238.00 = SGD49.70

Item: Leather doctor’s bag messenger 
Price: ¥ 328.00 = SGD68.50

Item: Quilt-patterned leather bag
Price: ¥ 368.00 = SGD76.80

Shop 4: 金路达箱包旗舰店  / Jin Lu Da Xiang Bao Qi Jian Dian
Rating: Under Tmall
Quality: 4.8
Service: 4.8
Responsiveness: 4.7

JINLUDA’s has a bag for every girl.
For the classy ladies-who-lunch (or the high-tea appointment with your girlfriends), the Haji-lane fashionista who need something bright for her Sunday #OOTD, or the minimalist who doesn’t care about the brands she wears – there is soooo much to buy. We’ve picked out a couple of our favourites for you:

Item: Textured leather messenger bag with metal clasp 
Price: ¥ 169.00 = SGD35.30

Item: Round textured leather messenger
Price: ¥ 199.00 = SGD41.55

Item: Leather doctor’s bag 
Price: ¥399.00 = SGD83.27

missing tote.jpgItem: Colourful messenger with oversized gold-clasp detail
Price: ¥199.00 = SGD41.53

Featured Shop 5: 云开皮具 / Yun Kai Pi Ju
Rating: 5 Diamonds
Quality: 4.9
Service: 4.9
Responsiveness: 4.9

19.jpgItem: Drawstring leather tote 
Price: ¥199.00 = SGD41.53

Item: Chunky leather messenger bag 
Price: ¥499.00 = SGD104.14

Item: Large minimalist messenger bag 
Price: ¥780.00 = SGD162.80

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Author: Taobao Hacks

The ultimate guide to shopping at Tao Bao! Not everything on Tao Bao has look like it was made in a sweat shop in China. We curate the best of Tao Bao - from fashionable threads that wouldn't look out of place on the streets of Paris and Milan, furniture that looks like it came out of a Kinfolk magazine, tech products that will please even the geekiest techhead and anything else that you could possibly dream of buying. But prettier.

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