12 Luxurious Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Buy From Taobao

Shopping for mum never ever gets easier. Before you make that frantic scramble to the flower shop, give Taobao a chance instead!

We’ve compiled a list of luxurious gifts that mum will love – and that you may end up buying for yourself anyway.

Luxury Silk Bed Spreads – because Mum deserves to sleep like a queen.
Remember all those sleepless nights she spent waiting up for you? Pay it back with the gift of luxurious, undisturbed sleep!

These silk 4-in-one bed spread sets go for a song – the same would cost you a minimum of S$200 and above back in Singapore.

Featured Shop: 罗兰家纺正品 / Luo Lan Jia Fang Zheng Pin

Item 1.1
Item: Silk emboidered quilt with cotton bedsheet and pillowcases
Cost: ¥490.00 = SGD102.68

Item 2.2
Item: Patterned silk quilt cover with cotton bed sheet and pillow cases
Cost: ¥490.00 = SGD102.68

An Aroma Diffuser – because that beautiful house she’s keeping should smell lovely too.
See those wrinkles on mum’s face? You’re probably responsible for a number of them. An aroma diffuser will help to keep mum’s skin moist and supple as she watches her favourite Korean drama.

The lamps featured only require a few drops of aromatherapy oil, which makes it relatively safe.

Featured Shop: 紫烛林家居专营店 / Zi Zhu Lin Jia Ju Zhuang Ying Dian

Item 3Item: Aromatherapy humidifier lamp (3 sizes: 100ml, 300ml, 500ml)
Price: ¥128.00 to 208.00 = SGD26.82 to 43.59
Others: Turns off automatically when water is all used up.

Item 4Item: Aromatherapy humidifier lamp
Price: ¥288.00 = SGD60.35
Others: Slightly more expensive than the 1st lamp because it’s quieter, you also have 3 colours to choose from 🙂

Everlasting Flowers – because who doesn’t love flowers?
Mum protests every single year that flowers are not practical and you should save the money instead.

Well, these flower boxes last FOREVER. Now she’ll have something to admire, even when the yearly drought hits us (thank you #globalwarming).

Featured Shop: 爱惟美礼坊 / Ai Wei Mei Li Fang

Item: Glass-encased preserved flowers 
Price: ¥299.25 = SGD62.71
Others: Available in more designs than you can shake a stick at.


Item: Rainbow coloured glass-encased preserved flowers
Price: ¥395.20 = SGD82.81

A Massager – because this is only for the woman who raised you up. From birth.
Instead of getting her massages at the neighbourhood parlour, mum can now enjoy a massage from the comfort of her living room. At less than SGD100, it’s really affordable too.

Featured Shop: 艾斯凯个人护理旗舰店 / Ai Si Kai Ge Ren Hu Li Qi Jian Dian

Item 7.1
Item: Aisi Kai 898A foot bath massager
Price: ¥98.00 = SGD20.54

Item 8.1Item: Aisi Kai shoulder back massager
Price: ¥69.00 = SGD14.46

Jewelry – Because we’re cheesy that way.

Featured Shop: Daimi 旗舰店 / Daimi Qi Jian Dian
Daimi Qi Jian Dian specialises in pearls, which are perfect for mature ladies.
Item 9.3Item 9.2Item: 925 silver fresh pearl pendant
Price: ¥169.00 = SGD35.41

Item: 925 silver freshwater pearl earrings
Price: ¥289.00 = SGD60.56

Featured Shop: 银时代饰品旗舰店 / Yin Shin Dai Shi Pin Qi Jian Dian
Yin Shin Dai Shi Pin Qi Jian Dian specialises in silver, and has a wide range of delicately designed silver jewelry that will make any girl go weak at the knees.

You’ll have to resist the urge to shop for yourself; plus the quality of the silver goes up to 999 (!)
Item 11.1
Item: 990 find silver bracelet with bamboo design
Price: ¥169.00 = SGD35.41

Item 12.1
Item: 925 silver flower pendant
Price: ¥89.00 = SGD18.65

There you go: happy shopping and a very happy mother’s day to all mums!

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Author: Taobao Hacks

The ultimate guide to shopping at Tao Bao! Not everything on Tao Bao has look like it was made in a sweat shop in China. We curate the best of Tao Bao - from fashionable threads that wouldn't look out of place on the streets of Paris and Milan, furniture that looks like it came out of a Kinfolk magazine, tech products that will please even the geekiest techhead and anything else that you could possibly dream of buying. But prettier.

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