20 Minimalist Desk Accessories From Taobao For The OCD

Singapore’s famous for a lot of things. Peace. Stability. Prosperity. And also one of the longest working hours in the world. Since this isn’t going to change anytime soon and your plans for moving to Norway aren’t working out – why not make life a little bearable with a nicer prison  desk?

We’ve picked out our favourite minimalist pieces from Taobao for that purpose that are chic and affordable.

Shop 1: 梵瀚生活创意 / Fan Han Sheng Huo Chuang Yi
Rating: Under 极有家 (Ji You Jia), 2 Blue Crowns, Gold Medal Seller
Product: 4.9
Service: 4.9
Delivery: 4.9

Do you arrange your clothes by colour, length and then size?
Do you stop your friend mid-conversation because the painting on the wall is 2mm too far to the right and you NEED to right this wrong (how could they even let this happen in the first place!)?
Fan Han Sheng Huo Chuang Yi is an OCDs dream come true. Expect desk organisers with clean and simple MUJI-like aesthetics that have compartments for literally everything.

Shop 1.1Shop 1.2
Item: Wooden desktop stationery rack
Price: ¥ 79.00 = SGD 15.94

Shop 1.3Shop 1.4Item: Minimalist wooden stationery holder
Price: ¥ 88.00 = SGD 17.76

Shop 1.5Shop 1.6
Item: Wood desk organising trays
Price: ¥ 39.00 = SGD 7.87

Shop 1.7Shop 1.8Item: Wooden multi-drawer desk trays
Price: ¥ 126.00 = SGD 25.43

Shop 1.9Shop 1.10Item: Wooden business cardholder
Price: ¥ 35.00 = SGD 7.06

Shop 2: 木余桌面收纳旗舰店 / Mu Yu Zhuo Mian Shou Na Qi Jian Dian
Rating: 5 Diamonds, Gold Medal Seller
Product: 4.8
Service: 4.9
Delivery: 4.8

What’s a hipster desk without even more wooden goodies? Mu Yu Zhuo Mian Shou Na Qi Jian Dian has even more options at your disposal that will give your stationery a home *and* contribute towards the perfect desk flatlay for your Instagram account.

Shop 2.1Shop 2.2
Item: Wooden stationery holder 
Price: ¥ 39.00 = SGD 7.87

Shop 2.3Shop 2.4Item: Multi-level wooden desk organiser
Price: ¥ 89.00 = SGD 17.96

Shop 2.5Shop 2.6
Item: Wooden document tray
Price: ¥ 89.00 = SGD 17.96

Shop 2.7Shop 2.8
Item: Wooden laptop stand
Price: ¥ 39.00 = SGD 7.87

Shop 2.9Shop 2.10
Item: Geometric wooden stationery holders
Price: ¥ 19.90 = SGD 4.04

Shop 3: 不二良品 / Bu Er Liang Pin
Rating: Under Tmall, 3 Years Old Shop
Product: 4.9
Service: 4.8
Delivery: 4.8

Just cos having more options is never bad thing. If you can’t find the wooden-desk-organiser of your fancy, hit up Bu Er Liang Pin. Their items lean towards simple functional pieces with little unnecessary embellishments.

Shop 3.1
Item: Wooden desktop organiser
Price: ¥ 169.00-199.00 = SGD 34.10-40.16

Shop 3.2
Item: Wooden desk organiser/ stationery holder
Price: ¥ 68.00-108.00= SGD 13.72-21.79

Shop 3.3Shop 3.4
Item: Wooden business card holder
Price: ¥ 49.00-59.00 = SGD 9.89-11.91

Shop 3.5Shop 3.6
Item: Magnetic paperclip holder
Price: ¥ 89.00 = SGD 17.96

Shop 3.7

Item: Wooden iPad stand
Price: ¥ 39.00 = SGD 7.87

Shop 4: 乐居生活坊 / Le Ju Sheng Huo Fang
Rating: Under 极有家 (Ji You Jia), 1 Blue Crowns
Product: 4.8
Service: 4.8
Delivery: 4.8

If you’re the forgetful sort, acrylic holders’ll allow you to find everything at a glance. Plenty of options abound at Le Ju Sheng Huo Fang for all sorts of knick knacks and tchotchkes – even magazine stands.

Item: Acrylic desk organiser
Price: ¥ 51.48 = SGD 10.39

Item: Acrylic pen holder
Price: ¥ 51.48 = SGD 10.38

Item: Acrylic desk organiser
Price: ¥ 55.00 = SGD 11.10


Item: Acrylic business card holder
Price: ¥ 19.80 = SGD 4.00

Item: Acrylic magazine holder
Price: ¥ 297.00 = SGD 59.94

Shop 5: 寸村茶家居 / Cun Cun Cha Jia Ju
Rating: Under 极有家 (Ji You Jia), 3 Diamonds, Gold Medal Seller
Product: 4.8
Service: 4.8
Delivery: 4.8

Cun Cun Cha Jia Ju’s wooden organisers come with subtle details that look almost like they came from a traditional Chinese drugstore. Your stack of bills now have a pretty wooden box to call home.
Shop 4.1Shop 4.2
Item: Japanese style desk drawers
Price: ¥ 138.00-310.00 = SGD 27.85-62.56

Shop 4.3Shop 4.4
Item: Japanese style wooden desk drawers
Price: ¥ 245.00 = SGD 49.44

Shop 4.5Shop 4.6
Item: Japanese style stationery containers
Price: ¥ 74.00-120.00 = SGD 14.93-4.93

Shop 4.7Shop 4.8
Item: Wooden shelving boxes
Price: ¥ 42.00-155.00 = SGD 8.48-31.28 

Shop 4.9Shop 4.10Item: Japanese style bambo desk storage set
Price: ¥ 460.00 = SGD 92.83

Have you bought anything for your home from Taobao? We wanna see!
Share with us in the comments, or on our Facebook page (or if you’re too millennial for FB, we’re on Instagram too #Taobaohacks.)

Team Taobao Hacks


Author: Taobao Hacks

The ultimate guide to shopping at Tao Bao! Not everything on Tao Bao has look like it was made in a sweat shop in China. We curate the best of Tao Bao - from fashionable threads that wouldn't look out of place on the streets of Paris and Milan, furniture that looks like it came out of a Kinfolk magazine, tech products that will please even the geekiest techhead and anything else that you could possibly dream of buying. But prettier.

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