5 Bridesmaid Dress Shops On Taobao Every Bride Needs To Know About

Weddings can be unnecessarily expensive. It usually starts out as a simple affair, and before you know it, an entire month’s salary has been sworn off to wedding favours, flowers and decorations. You now find yourself counting down the days to your wedding – because it’ll be your first decent meal in a really long time. (On the upside, you’ll have zero problems fitting into your wedding dress now). How did it morph into this monstrous money-sucking black hole?!

Meme 1
Best. Advice. Ever.

While you can’t control some of your costs – like venue rental, bridal packages and so forth, there are a few areas where Taobao is perfectly primed help with some serious cost savings.

The best part? You won’t have to do without the gorgeous dream wedding that you’ve always wanted.

For the first part of our series on weddings, we’ll be zooming in on to bridesmaids’ dresses!

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Let’s not ruin the wedding by fighting over colours ladies!

Taobao’s dress shops allow you to customise your dresses, and even create variations of the dress style you like – so your bridesmaids don’t end up looking like the Kardarshian’s Christmas card.

Meme 3.jpg
Okay… we can see Chris Jenner…but which one’s Kylie again?

The sky’s the limit where colour choices are concerned; keep things sweet with pastels or go bold with darker hues – it’s all up to you. Some shops offer customisation too – something we’re sure your bridesmaids will love you for!

We’ve picked out a number of shops with prices ranging from ultra affordable (below SGD20) to more luxe finds in the SGD60 range. Prices list are per dress.

Shop 1: 唯美嫁衣旗舰店 / Wei Mei Jia Yi Qi Jian Dian
Rating: Under Tmall, 7 Year-Old Shop
Product: 4.9
Service: 4.9
Delivery: 4.9

Sugar, spice and all things nice. That’s what your bridesmaids are going to be made of with Wei Mei Jia Yi Qi Jian Dian’s saccharine sweet outfits. The outfits will bring you back to the days where you were still coordinating outfits for school prom!

Shop 1.1
Item: Bridesmaid’s dress with tulle skirt
Price: ¥ 79 = SGD 16

Shop 1.2
Item: Knee-length Bridesmaid’s dress with tulle skirt
Price: ¥ 98 = SGD 19.84

Shop 1.3
Item: Off-shouldered Bridesmaid’s dress with knee-length tulle skirt
Price: ¥ 118 = SGD 23.89

Item: Floor-length Bridesmaid’s dress
Price: ¥ 139 = SGD 28.15

Shop 1.4Item: Mini dress with tulle skirt
Price: ¥ 118 = SGD 23.89

Shop 2: 范伦汀娜服饰旗舰店 / Fan Lun Ting Na Fu Shi Qi Jian Dian
Rating: Under Tmall, 3 Year-old Shop
Product: 4.9
Service: 4.8
Delivery: 4.8

Even more candy coloured diabetes-inducing ultra-girl looks abound at Fan Lun Ting Na Fu Shi Qi Jian Dian. Go nuts and dress your bridesmaids in as many colours as you want – or pick one colour to coordinate with because, y’know, #squadgoals.

Shop 2.1
Item: Knee-length lace dress with tulle skirt
Price: ¥ 158 – 168 = SGD 31.99 – 34.02

Shop 2.2
Item 1: Knee-length collared bridesmaid’s dress with floral appliques
Price: ¥ 188 = SGD 38.07

Shop 2.3
Item 2: Knee-length mid-sleeved bridesmaid’s dress with floral appliques
Price: ¥ 198 = SGD 40.09

Shop 2.4
Item 3: Knee-length boatneck bridesmaid’s dress with floral appliques
Price: ¥ 188 = SGD 38.07

Shop 2.5
Item 1: Off-shoulder knee-length tulle dress
Price: ¥218 – 238 = SGD 44.14 – 46.17

Item 2: Mesh top knee-length tulle dress
Price: ¥ 198 = SGD 40.09

Shop 2.6
Item 3: Knee-length dress with bow details
Price: ¥ 218 = SGD 44.14

Shop 2.7
Item: Knee-length bridesmaid’s dress with tulle skirts
Price: ¥158 – 168 = SGD 31.99 – 34.02

Shop 2.8Shop 2.9
Item: Floor-length gown, various cuttings
Price: ¥ 388 = SGD 78.57

Shop 3: Jo Jo 高端定制 / Jo Jo Gao Duan Ding Zhi
Rating: 4 Blue Diamonds, Gold Medal Seller
Product: 4.8
Service: 4.9
Delivery: 4.8

Girls can be pretty fickle about what they wear. And Jo Jo Gao Duan Ding Zhi hears them loud and clear – nobody really likes being caught wearing the same dress right?

Your bridesmaid will love the fact that you can customize dresses to fit all body-types at this shop too! *cue squealing*

Shop 3.1Shop 3.2
Item: Floor-length evening grown, various designs
Price: ¥ 347 = SGD 70.27

Shop 3.3Shop 3.4
Item: Mesh mini-dresses with floral appliques
Price: ¥ 216 = SGD 43.74

Shop 3.6Shop 3.5
Item: Floor-length gown with mesh skirt
Price: ¥ 187.38 = SGD 37.94

Shop 3.7
Item: Mini-dress with mesh skirt
Price: ¥ 280 = SGD 56.70

Shop 3.8
Item: Mini-dress with tulle skirt and lace details
Price: ¥ 129 = SGD 26.12

Shop 4: Amilone婚纱礼服 / Amilone Hun Sha Li Fu
Rating: Under Tmall, 4-Year Old Shop
Product: 4.8
Service: 4.8
Delivery: 4.8

Too old for cute princess-y dresses? Amilone Hun Sha Li Fu has modern takes on the classic maxi dress, with knee-length versions for your garden themed party. You can customise sizes at this shop too!

Shop 4.1
Item: Floor-length chiffon dress
Price: ¥ 288 = SGD 58.32

Shop 4.2
Item: Off-shoulder floor-length dress
Price: ¥ 288 = SGD 58.32

Shop 4.3
Item: European style chiffon floor length dress
Price: ¥ 288 = SGD 58.32

Shop 4.4
Item: Knee-length chiffon baby doll dress
Price: ¥ 256 = SGD 51.84

Shop 5: 衣纱布菲旗舰店 / Yi Sha Bu Fei Qi Jian Dian
Rating: Under Tmall, 4 Year-Old Shop
Product: 4.8
Service: 4.8
Delivery: 4.8

Weddings don’t have to be all about lace and tulle. Dress your bridesmaids up mad-men style with Yi Sha Bu Fei Qi Jian Dian’s vintage designs. We love the lace numbers especially – if you’re fans of LOVER you’ll definitely want to bookmark this!

Shop 5.1Shop 5.2
Item: Velveteen mini-dress
Price: ¥ 298 = SGD 60.34

Shop 5.3
Item: Cocktail dress with fishtail skirt
Price: ¥ 298 = SGD 60.34

Shop 5.4Shop 5.5
Item: Brocade tube top dress with full skirt
Price: ¥ 269 = SGD 54.47

Shop 5.6Shop 5.7
Item: Full lace dresses
Price: ¥ 328 = SGD 66.42

Shop 5.8Shop 5.9
Item: Full lace off-shoulder lace dress
Price: ¥ 299 = SGD 60.55

Happy shopping ladies – we hope you find #squadgoal worthy dresses!

P.S. Bought wedding outfits from Taobao? We wanna see! Share it on our Facebook page or Instagram with the hashtag #Taobaohacks.





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