26 Halloween Costumes From Taobao So Bad, They’re So Good

So you’ve deciding that going shoulder-to-shoulder with sweaty party goers at Clarke Quay/ Zouk is the way you want to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year*.

Instead of panic buying from Daiso, emptying out the office restroom of toilet rolls or trying to pass-off that unfortunate velvet jumpsuit you bought on a whim as a cat suit, why not try Taobao? It’s only the place that the rest of the world produces all their stuff. No biggie.

We’ve assembled a list of costumes that cover every single Halloween stereotype (because kiasu). Go wild!

*No it’s not Christmas. Determined by a unanimous vote of two individuals who write a blog about buying things from China.

Shop: 起轩家居专营店 / Qi Xuan Jia Ju Zhuan Ying Dian
Rating: Under Tmall/ 7 Year-Old Shop
Quality: 4.7
Service: 4.7
Responsiveness: 4.8

Evil queen (we assume – it could also pass off as Morticia from the Addam’s family if you squint), a princess in what looks like rags with her own floral tiara and bouquet, a witch who can’t afford to send her clothes to the tailors (you’d think they’d be really good with thread and spindle), and other totally random costumes for the girls. Anything and everything is fair game.

Even if you’re not planning to buy anything, Qi Xuan Jia Ju Zhuan Ying Dian is worth a visit just because it offers a glimpse into China’s cultural interpretation of Halloween. Weird and wonderful.
Item: Ladies Halloween Costumes
Price: RMB 38 – 208 = SGD 7.77 – 42.51

Things get a little more interesting for the boys. Mad axe murderers and psychotic clowns run amok. Live out your darkest fantasies/ face your fears without forking out.

We love, love, love the vampire outfits just because Viago would approve (What We Do In The Shadows fans, holler!)

You’ve never watched What We Do In The Shadows? SHAME.



Item: Men’s Halloween Costumes
Price: RMB 54 – RMB 163 = SGD 11.04 – 33.31

Zombie/ slasher/ survival-porn / b-grade enthusiasts, there’s plenty for everyone from standard zombie nurse outfits, to character masks.3-13-23-33-4
Item: Undead Hospital Costumes

Little ones can get in on the act too.

Item: Children’s Halloween Costumes – Girls


Item: Children’s Halloween Costumes – Boys

Or you know, if Halloween is a big thing for the fam, like it is for Neil Patrick Harris, some costumes come in sets that’ll fit the whole family too.

Neil Patrick FTW!

6-1Item: Family Halloween Costumes Sets

Shop: 仕彩旗舰店 / Shi Cai Qi Jian Dian
Rating: Under Tmall, 6 Year-Old Shop
Quality: 4.8
Service: 4.7
Responsiveness: 4.7

If you haven’t been blessed with a scary RBF, round off your outfit with character masks that will do the scaring for you without you lifting a finger.
Item: Character masks

There’re harmlessly cutesy options for the kids too, so that they don’t scare themselves when they head to the bathroom.

Item: Children’s Halloween Accessories

Shop: 万圣节旗舰店 / Wan Sheng Jie Qi Jian Dian
Rating: 2 Blue Crowns
Quality: 4.6
Service: 4.6
Responsiveness: 4.6

Ok so these are more funny than scary – but who has the time to make a skeleton costume anyway?

Item: Skeleton Costume
Price: ¥ 5.80 = SGD 1.19

The classic Cluedo look never gets old either. (Yes, we quoted Cluedo. A board game from the 90s. We’re old. Bite us.)

Item: Knife-Through-Head Headdress
Price: ¥ 10.00 = SGD

Who can resist a good temporary tattoo? These are realistic enough for you to risk a few concerned passer-bys calling for help.

Item: Temporary Halloween Tattoos
Price: ¥ 1.00 = SGD 0.21

Happy Halloween shopping!

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