The Ultimate Fitness Junkie’s Guide To Shopping On Taobao

It’s a painful process staying fit sometimes – if the lunges don’t hurt, your wallet definitely will – gym memberships don’t come cheap and let’s not even get started on apparel.

All of us after Chinese New Year.

You could skimp and save by re-wearing your old physical education apparel, or why not get yourself some new swag from Taobao?

Taobao offers a pretty huge range of sports apparel, exercise equipment and accessories that are especially useful for the weekend warrior. You’d be especially surprised at how affordable and chic sportswear from Taobao can be!

1. All ladies have gone through the awkward dance of trying to peel off too tight lycra sports wear before getting into the shower. This sports bra comes with a zip in the front so you can avoid bruising those elbows in cramped gym shower stalls. And it goes for a song too!
Price: RMB 68 = SGD 14.10

2. We know how much you ladies love matching them gym wear – and there’s a wide swatch of colors to choose from.
Price: RMB 98 = SGD 20.30

3. If you have it, flaunt it with this much saucier option. They’re just as chic as Nike or Adidas’ offerings, but at a fraction of the cost.
Price: RMB 279 = SGD 25

4. All you need to get started on that new year’s fitness resolution is a simple classy gym bag that’ll fit both your workout and work outfits. This functional bag comes in a classy black and is fitted out with multiple pockets so you won’t find yourself always losing your shit.
Price: RMB 79 = SGD 16.50

5. And if you’re going to be seen carrying the bag out often, why not settle for a more stylish option?
Price: RMB 190 – 200 = SGD 40 – 42
6. Gym bags don’t have to be boring either. Try something fashionably quirky like this instead.
Price: RMB 50 – 70 = SGD 10.50 – 14.50

7. Prefer the outdoors over the gym? You’ll want to snag this multi-purpose waist pouch that will hold all your necessities – even your water bottle.
RMB 100 = SGD 21

8. Runners, look no further than this sleek and slim waist pouch that’ll fit your phone and house keys nicely. Did we mention that it’s waterproof too?
Price: RMB 16 = SGD 3.50

9. If your phone is all you need, try this handy arm band instead.
Price: RMB 18 = SGD 4

10. Take the gym home instead if you don’t want the burden of a costly gym membership. These strength training elastic bands come in different strength levels (indicated by colour).
Price: RMB 35 – 80 = SGD 7.50 – 17

11. Get a serious head-start on that 8-pack with this decidedly punishing looking roller device. Be quick though – there is a massive offer on this item right now.
Price: RMB 10 = SGD 2

12. Bosu ball fanatics, you can try this unbranded version instead that does the same trick. It even comes with it’s own inflator.
Price: RMB 50 = SGD 10.50

13. Injuries are par for the course if you’re an active sportsman. Protect yourself with this ankle guard that’s especially useful for basket and footballers.
Price: RMB 70 = SGD 14.50

14. There are light and breathable options for the knees too.
Price: RMB 165 = SGD 34.50

15. And the elbows too!
Price: RMB 105.40 = SGD 22

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Happy exercising,
Team Taobao Hacks


Author: Taobao Hacks

The ultimate guide to shopping at Tao Bao! Not everything on Tao Bao has look like it was made in a sweat shop in China. We curate the best of Tao Bao - from fashionable threads that wouldn't look out of place on the streets of Paris and Milan, furniture that looks like it came out of a Kinfolk magazine, tech products that will please even the geekiest techhead and anything else that you could possibly dream of buying. But prettier.

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